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Heart Chakra Shea Butter Moisturizer 

Heart Chakra 

The Heart Chakra Shea Butter Moisturizer is an all day natural moisturizer that gives and angelic glow with a sensual long lasting fragrance.


Essence Of The Heart Chakra 

The Heart Heart Chakra Shea Butter opens up the channels of the heart allowing us to receive and give freely. This signifies an impartial and infinite love allowing a deeper understanding of self and others. When the Heart Chakra is blocked or unbalanced one may isolate yourself excessively, you feel lonely, you hold grudges against people you love, you frequently feel jealous, your overly defensive, you have a fear of intimacy, you put yourself in the role of the rescuer or victim and you find it difficult to trust others. This Shea Butter Chakra Collection comforts the senses that is touch and smell and brings a sense of comfort and beauty creating a calm atmosphere for your body, relieving your soul which opens up chakra.

Thank You

Sheena Meeks the Founder of Abundanc333 Appreciates your business and hopes that you find what you seek with our website and services with information on the chakras and our product of the Shea Butter Chakra Collection.

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